The art of Genkis Genkkis

The art of Genkis Genkkis cover
Well... My artbook book 1 is in progress...
Impatient to hold it in my hands.

- The first opus will be available for March 2022 (or something like that) I think. The second will be published a few years later.
- 50 pages
- hardcover A4
- Price : 18 €
- Publisher : ligne de légende & Empreintes d'artistes
- Content ; drawings, many drawings ! (SF, Fantasy, history, thriller, personal projects and few old artworks). The text will tell more about me and my past life, and my passion for art.

preorder the book gives two advantages :
- an original drawing in the book
- the price will be cheaper : 14 € instead of 18 €
- Delivery : for foreign countries I'll have to see how much it costs. It will be added to the price of the book.
- You'll have to be a little patient if I have 50 original drawings to draw for the preorders

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Or by MP on facebook.